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Good Day and Blessings to All

We will advise when our in person services will be up and running again. 

Until then, you are welcome to visit us via Zoom. Directions can be found below.

Enjoy listening to a different inspirational speaker each week, sharing their own ideas of the universe around them. Though the PSC supports independent thinking, we do not necessarily support the expressed views of individual speakers.




Relax during a time of guided meditation and reflection. No experience necessary.



Completely optional, the purpose of Spiritual Healing is to assist individuals to reconnect with their Spirit Body - where healing takes place - attuning them to the Universal Healing Force. The Act of healing is the channeling of this universal force energy which is always present.

Zooming on Tablet

Until Further Notice...

We hope you can join us for our online Sunday Services at 7 pm Eastern using Zoom.

No camera or microphone? You may still join us - we just won't be able to see your face or hear your voice. You are welcome to attend, and you should be able to hear and see almost everyone else.

Please attempt to access the Service a few minutes early, and be patient if/when you are waiting for the host to begin the session (this is a good time to test your computer audio).


The Zoom link is below; click on it, and then it should take you to Zoom; if it doesn't, copy and paste the link into your browser's address bar and press Enter. The Zoom Client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting. You do not require a Zoom account to be a participant. You should test your audio when the opportunity presents itself. 

Zoom Meeting Link:


Follow the prompts on your screen.

Depending on the method and or device you will be using, you may require the following information:

Meeting ID: 794 4289 9380
Password: PSC

In order to hear us, make sure to click on Join with Computer Audio.


Please record this information in case you need it if you are unable to connect via the Internet.

Meeting ID: 794 4289 9380

Passcode: 234311

In Canada Dial:

+1 647 374 4685
+1 647 558 0588

Find your local number:


Sundays at 7 pm Eastern

Upcoming Speakers

Sunday April 14


Cameron Bagg is a 30 plus year volunteer paranormal investigator. He founded the Haunt Club to bring like minded people together and share in haunted experiences. He hosted three seasons of TV COGECO’s Hauntline program. He has done many other televised consulting projects either on or off camera. He produced the straight to video DVD, Haunt Scene Investigations and has filled halls relating his experiences gathered from hundreds of paranormal investigations and clearings.

This evening Cameron will be speaking about lessons learned from ghosthunting.

Sunday April 21

Rory Sheehan is a gifted Spiritualist known for his understanding and experience across a wide variety of topics.  Rory is a Reiki Master, Master Hypnotist, Practitioner of Chaos Magic, and a Tarot Reader. Additionally, Rory has devoted extensive time to studying Huna under the mentorship of Kahuna Lani, an original disciple of Max Freedom Long. He’s also an accomplished author and a dedicated educator who has conducted programs across Canada and the United States.

Tonight Rory will speak about the importance of sending telepathic messages to your future self.

Echoes Through Time is a thought provoking talk where you will learn how to create a positive relationship with your Future Self.  Best Selling Author and Award Winning Trainer, Rory Sheehan, will share with you the importance of developing a relationship with your Future Self, and how to unlock the power of sending a telepathic message to your Future Self.  Manifestation is so much more than just thinking a thought.  Manifestation requires your Future Self to fully accept your desired outcome and be willing to work with you to make that desired outcome a reality.  Join us for Echoes Through Time and learn how to communicate with your Future Self in a way that your Future Self will listen.


Sunday April 28


Sunday May 5


More Later!

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