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Due to the recent Covid 19 outbreak across the Globe, we will advise when our in person services will be up and running again. 

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Enjoy listening to a different inspirational speaker each week, sharing their own ideas of the universe around them. Though the PSC supports independent thinking, we do not necessarily support the expressed views of individual speakers.



Relax during a time of guided meditation and reflection. No experience necessary.



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Completely optional, the purpose of Spiritual Healing is to assist individuals to reconnect with their Spirit Body - where healing takes place - attuning them to the Universal Healing Force. The Act of healing is the channeling of this universal force energy which is always present.


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Upcoming Speakers

Sunday July 25

Rosemary Measures.jpg

Rosemary Measures was raised as a Spiritualist in Bristol. Her paternal grandparents were both Spiritualists, mediumistic and attended Spiritualist Churches in Bristol. Rosemary’s grandmother read tea leaves and her father was mediumistic. He felt Spirit around him and was able to see his mother’s spirit as clear as day in the garden.


While busy with her life and material work, including doing a Psychotherapy Course, Rosemary never thought she would become a medium. In 1987 she began attending a local church and felt she had 'come home'. Rosemary sat in various circles over the years, one of which included an elderly medium friend named Violet Edwards.


After Violet’s passing in 2002, Rosemary received a lovely message from her understanding why Rosemary was unable to move to mediumship since she had two pathways, one Spiritual and one of helping people.


Over the past 30 years she has studied Buddhist Philosophy, Positive Thinking and Staying in the Now, which has helped her deal with some difficult situations in her life. She was also able to use this knowledge to help her clients. After studying Psychotherapy, she came to the conclusion that this Philosophy is really the basis of Psychotherapy and this is why it’s referred to as Buddhist Psychology.


Rosemary found the Spiritual side of her life compliments the Psychotherapy side perfectly, as they blend together when helping people.


Tonight Rosemary will speak about Buddhist Psychology of Staying in the Now and Positive Thinking, and how Spirit helps us with this and constantly encourage us to stay positive to help us cope with our journey through life. 

Sunday August 1

red civic holiday.png

No Sunday Service 

Enjoy your long weekend!

We look forward to seeing  you August 8

Sunday August 8

Dr. Margot McKinnon’s (PhD) specialty is connecting with the Ether and finding out what barriers are stunting you from fully living your personal brand of ‘magic’. Owner and Director of Spark the Spirit Productions, where results defy logic, Margot is author of The Exquisiteness of Being Human and The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory: A guide to elevating your 5 dimensions of self. She shares her powerful and practical model in Ask the Universe online meet-ups and webinars. Her mission is to help people 'Budge the Boulder' out of their pathway to greatness.


How to Get Back in Alignment with Your Path

with Dr. Margot


There are times when we know that we have stalled out. We feel a greater calling waiting for us in the Ether, but we just need a little boost to lift us into it. Learn some unusual techniques that will recalibrate your energy and move you closer to your calling. Results will defy logic.



Margot will be in Bobcaygeon Thursday August 12 evening to Sunday August 15 afternoon. If you would like a personal reading, please book early so she can squeeze you into her schedule. If you would like to purchase books, please order ahead of time so that she brings enough with her and work out a time for pick up. She will stay at the Bobcaygeon Inn.


If the above interests you, please send an email to PSC at to receive further information.

Margot McKinnon - original.JPG

Sunday August 15


Janine Gwendoline Smith was ordained as a member of the ECKANKAR Clergy in 1993. Since then she has been the officiating cleric for dozens of Worship Services in Toronto and throughout Ontario. In 2013, Janine relocated from Toronto to Peterborough, now her home.


As a professional public speaker, Janine has also addressed a variety of audiences on subjects related to Spirituality and the fulfillment of Human Potential. In her private life, Janine continues to perform as a professional singer songwriter, teaches T'ai Chi, works for the well being of animals, expresses herself artistically/creatively, and she knits, knits, knits!


Janine will be speaking about "Spiritual Stress Relief".

Sunday August 22

Craig Niziolek is a Recognized Therapeutic Touch Teacher with the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario. He was educated and worked as an Electrical/Electronics Technologist but could no longer give his energy to the corporate world of greed, hypocrisy and waste. He became the home maker while volunteering for not-for-profit organizations, working towards local food, sustainable community and educating the public about the hazards of wireless technology by promoting PST – Practice Safe Tech. Craig practices preventative non-invasive energy medicine using PEMF - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy also known as MRS – Magnetic Resonance Stimulation.


Craig will continue reviewing several of the “Our Seven Spiritual Principles” along with a discussion.

Sunday August 29


Sunday September 5

Labour Day

No Sunday Service 

Enjoy your long weekend!

We look forward to seeing  you September 12

Sunday September 12


Debra-Claire is the Co-Founder of the International Psychic Medium Duo Kawartha Mediums. Debra-Claire has been a student of Spiritualism for many years and she has beautifully mastered how to intertwine her beliefs and experiences into not only her everyday life but into her career as well.


Debra-Claire is an international teacher of Psychic Mediumship. She strives to teach, share and awaken individuals into the world of Spirit and Intuition.


With her background in life coaching and public speaking she brings humour, insightfulness and compassion as she delivers messages to those in need of divine guidance. 

More Later!